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MonterEy county office of education

"A truly revolutionary model for education."
- Chris Devers, Principal of Alternative Education, Monterey County Office of Education

Bob Hoover Academy (BHA) has partnered with the Monterey County Office of Education (MCOE), Alternative Education Department to create the SAFE Flight program under the umbrella of their Career Technical Education portfolio. This has truly taken our prototype after-school program and catapulted it to the next level – the current template for the program exceeds all of our original expectations and enables us to have an even more profound and holistic impact on each student. BHA is now just the catalyst to the entire program, providing for all aspects relating to student flight and aviation ground training operations as well as consulting services to help develop the aviation related educational curriculum within SAFE. Everything else is coordinated and funded thru MCOE. The resources that MCOE brings to the table are immense:

  • A full high school curriculum geared towards STEM and aviation with an exploration of subjects such as: Physics of Flight, Aeronautical Decision Making, Airport Operations, Aircraft Instrumentation, Reciprocating Engine Theory & Operation, Aviation Weather, Aero-Medical Science, Aviation Math, UAVs, Robotics, Engineering, etc.
  • Computers for every student

  • Full access to mold student schedules around flight training operations to facilitate flight training under optimal wind and weather conditions

  • All transportation logistics

  • Regular sessions with a psychotherapist for each student

  • 105+ hours of paid internships for each student thru an organization called Turning Point

  • College courses at Hartnell Community College

  • Hands on courses in Welding and Diesel Engine Mechanics

  • STEAM engagement at the NASA SEMAA Lab

  • An accredited High School Diploma

  • College Applications Completed

  • College and Career Placement Advisor

Aviation community foundation

The Aviation Community Foundation’s mission is to connect the top aviation educators and support them on leadership structure & strategy, collaboration, mentorship, and infrastructure. Their mentorship and consulting team has been a tremendously positive accelerator for Bob Hoover Academy programming and leadership team development