We have had some phenomenal success stories to date. One of our favorites has been captured in the inspiring video above. The Bob Hoover Academy inspired this student to shift his life trajectory in a big way. He excelled in our program and was seen as a mentor to his younger classman. So much so, that he was selected to be one of two student commencement speakers at his High School Graduation (the script from this video was pulled directly from his speech!). He entered the work force and now has a job with a large construction company, where he is receiving steady promotions. However, what is most remarkable is that, this young man is just 19 years old and already a major focus of his life’s energies is to “give back.” He started teaching basketball at the local YMCA, solely, so that he could inspire other kids in his neighborhood in the way that we captured him. Additionally, he has joined the Bob Hoover Academy Advisory Board to help us strengthen our program for future generation of students. We are honored to have this fine young man on our team!