Eric Tucker, Executive Director & Co-Founder

Eric Tucker is enraptured by education and aviation. He is a corporate pilot for Clif Bar and an accomplished aerobatic pilot with a BS in Aerospace Engineering. He fuels his passion for learning thru numerous online courses and personal studies in subjects ranging from Artificial Intelligence for Robotics, Programming, Physics, Entrepreneurship, PsycoPhysiology, Gourmet Foraging and Music.

In 2014, Eric and Sean teamed up to form the predecessor of the Bob Hoover Academy, Every Kid Can Fly. Sean took the lead in fundraising and building awareness for the project amongst key industry leaders while Eric lead the effort to develop business operations and forge strategic partnerships within the local community and nationwide to include: the Monterey County Office of Education, the Stanford Advisory Consulting Team (thru the Center for Non-Profit Excellence and the Community Foundation of Monterey County), and the Aviation Community Foundation